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(Closed since Nov 19 2014)
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Jun 30 2015 update: The Iowa DNR states this is our status:

The IDNR in now working on the bid documents for a timber sale for the River Valley OHV Park in Council Bluffs. On June 25, 2015, the IDNR Forester completed the tree inventory for the Park, which identifies trees by species, number, size, and estimated board feet for harvest. The aforementioned process has been delayed by recent storms and rain in the area.

The timber sale is complicated by the fact that the tree harvest will involve logging a flood plain area, and then removing the logs without harming the levy, bike trail, or adjacent bridge. The trees may end up being shipped out by trucks or barges.

The next steps include:
  • Setting the date for a bidders meeting at the Park
  • Conducting a bidders meeting
  • Holding a bid letting on the timer sale
  • Award a contract
  • Logging of the Park (estimated 30 day harvest under proper conditions following set-up)
  • Mitigate invasive species (chemical applications)
  • Open area for riding following a clean-up and inspection of the Park
  • Ongoing reforestation of the area with cooperation from the River Valley Trail Riders OHV Club
  • Install guardrail along levy and north boundary of the park

Rumors of the Park being permanently closed to OHV riding are false. The Park will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. The IDNR and the River Valley Trail Riders are committed to not only reopening the Park, but improve the riding experience for the public.

For updates please contact David Downing, District 3 ATV/Snowmobile Coordinator 515-281-3449 (O) 515-238-3564 (C) Additional contact information.

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